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About Us

The Birmingham Seven (B7) is a straight-ahead jazz septet patterned after the small groups of the hard-bop era.  Members of the B7 are veteran performers and educators in the local and regional music scene.  The group’s repertoire, originally transcriptions and adaptations from iconic recordings by jazz icons such as Duke Ellington, Oliver Nelson, Lee Morgan, and Sun Ra, has expanded to include original arrangements of jazz standards as well as new compositions by the members of the B7.  Along with performing live for over 10 years, they have recorded and released three studio albums:  The Birmingham Seven(2012), Second Set (2014), and Yeah, About That (2016).

Rob Alley - Trumpet

Jon Noffsinger - Alto & Soprano Saxophones

Gary Wheat - Tenor Saxophone

Michael Glaser - Drum Set

Daniel Western - Baritone Saxophone

Tom Wolfe - Guitars

Chris Kozak - Double & Electric Basses

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